Journal Articles


  1. Chenglong Li, Guizhao Wang, Yunpeng Ma, Aihua Zheng, Bin Luo, and Jin Tang. A Unified RGB-T Saliency Detection Benchmark: Dataset, Baselines, Analysis and A Novel Approach. [arXiv] [Dataset: Google drive, Baidu cloud] [Bechmark code] [Baseline results]

  2. Yabin Zhu, Chenglong Li *, Yijuan Lu, Liang Lin, Bin Luo, and Jin Tang. FANet: Quality-Aware Feature Aggregation Network for RGB-T Tracking. [arXiv]

  3. Xiao Wang, Chenglong Li, Rui Yang, Tianzhu Zhang, Jin Tang, Bin Luo. Describe and Attend to Track: Learning Natural Language guided Structural Representation and Visual Attention for Object Tracking. [arXiv]

Selected Publications (* indicates I am the corresponding author)

  1. Chenglong Li, Xinyan Liang, Yijuan Lu, Nan Zhao, and Jin Tang. RGB-T Object Tracking: Benchmark and Baseline. Pattern Recognition (PR), major revision. [arXiv] [Dataset: Google drive, Baidu cloud] [Project page]

  2. Zhengzheng Tu, Tian Xia, Chenglong Li *, Xiaoxiao Wang, Yan Ma, and Jin Tang. RGB-T Image Saliency Detection via Collaborative Graph Learning. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), 2019.

  3. Chenglong Li, Liang Lin, Wangmeng Zuo, Jin Tang, and Ming-Hsuan Yang. Visual Tracking via Dynamic Graph Learning. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T-PAMI), 2019.

  4. Chenglong Li, Chengli Zhu, Jian Zhang, Bin Luo, Xiaohao Wu, and Jin Tang. Learning Local-Global Multi-Graph Descriptors for RGB-T Object Tracking. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT), 2019.

  5. Bo Jiang, Yuan Zhang, Jin Tang, Bin Luo, and Chenglong Li *. Robust Visual Tracking via Laplacian Regularized Random Walk Ranking. Neurocomputing (NEUCOM), 2019.

  6. Aihua Zheng, Xuehan Zhang, Bo Jiang, Bin Luo, and Chenglong Li *. A Subspace Learning Approach to Multi-Shot Person Re-Identification. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (T-SMCS), 2019.

  7. Aihua Zheng, Tian Zou, Yumiao Zhao, Bo Jiang, Jin Tang, and Chenglong Li * . Background Subtraction with Multi-scale Structured Low-Rank and Sparse Factorization. Neurocomputing (NEUCOM), 2019.

  8. Xiao Wang, Tao Sun, Rui Yang, Chenglong Li, Bin Luo, and Jin Tang. Quality–Aware Dual–Modal Saliency Detection via Deep Reinforcement Learning. Signal Processing: Image Communication (SPIC), 2019.

  9. Zhengzheng Tu, Linlin Guo, Chenglong Li, Ziwei Xiong, and Xiao Wang. Minimum Barrier Distance-Based Object Descriptor for Visual Tracking. Applied Sciences, 8(11): 2233, 2018.

  10. Sen Yang, Bin Luo, Chenglong Li *. Guizhao Wang, and Jin Tang. Fast Grayscale-Thermal Foreground Detection with Collaborative Low-Rank Decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT), 28(10): 2574 - 2585, 2018.

  11. Chenglong Li, Xiaohao Wu, Nan Zhao, Xiaochun Cao, and Jin Tang. Fusing Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks for RGB-T Object Tracking. Neurocomputing (NEUCOM), 281: 78-85, 2018.

  12. Chenglong Li, Chengli Zhu, Shaofei Zheng, Bin Luo, and Jin Tang. Two-Stage Modality-Graphs Regularized Manifold Ranking for RGB-T Tracking. Signal Processing: Image Communication (SPIC), 68: 207-217, 2018.

  13. Chenglong Li, Zhimin Bao, Xiao Wang, and Jin Tang. Moving Object Detection via Robust Background Modeling with Recurring Patterns Voting. Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 77(11): 13557-13570, 2018.

  14. Chenglong Li, Xiao Wang, Lei Zhang, Jin Tang, Hejun Wu, and Liang Lin. WELD: Weighted Low-rank Decomposition  or Robust Grayscale-Thermal Foreground Detection. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT), 27(4): 725-738, 2017. [Project page with Dataset and Code]

  15. Aihua Zheng, Minghe Xu, Bin Luo, Zhili Zhou, and Chenglong Li *. CLASS: Collaborative Low-rank and Sparse Separation for Moving Object Detection. Cognitive Computation (COGN), 9(2): 180-193, 2017. [Data]

  16. Chenglong Li, Xiang Sun, Xiao Wang, Lei Zhang, and Jin Tang. Grayscale-thermal Object Tracking via Multi-task Laplacian Sparse Representation. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (T-SMCS), 47(4): 673-681, 2017. [Dataset: Google drive, Baidu cloud]

  17. Chenglong Li, Hui Cheng, Shiyi Hu, Xiaobai Liu, Jin Tang, and Liang Lin.Learning Collaborative Sparse Representation for Grayscale-thermal Tracking.  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP), 25(12): 5743-5756, 2016.  [Code] [Dataset: Google drive, Baidu Cloud] [Attribute annotation] [Baseline]

  18. Chenglong Li, Liang Lin, Wangmeng Zuo, Wenzhong Wang, and Jin Tang.An Approach to Streaming Video Segmentation with Sub-Optimal Low-rank Decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP), 25(5): 1947-1960, 2016. [Code.rar] [Results.rar ]

  19. Liang Lin, Yongyi Lu, Chenglong Li, Hui Cheng, and Wangmeng Zuo. Detection-free Multi-object Tracking by Reconfigurable Inference with Bundle  Representations.  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (T-CYB), 46(11): 2447-2458, 2016.

  20. Liang Lin, Wei Yang, Chenglong Li, Jin Tang, and Xiaochun Cao. Inference with Cooperative Model for Interactive Medical Image Sequence Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (T-CYB), 46(12): 2796-2809, 2016.  [Project page with dataset]

  21. Aihua Zheng, Lei Zhang, Wei Zhang, Chenglong Li, Jin Tang, and Bin Luo. Local-to-Global Background Modeling  or Moving Object Detection from Non-static Cameras. Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 76(8): 11003-11019, 2017.

  22. Keze Wang, Liang Lin, Jiangbo Lu, Chenglong Li, and Keyang Shi.PISA: Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures with Edge-Preserving Coherence. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP), 24(10): 3019-3033, 2015.  [Project page with code and dataset] [ESI Highly Cited Paper]


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